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August 2015:  "Elvis at Auschwitz" by Matthew wells and "May 10th" by Jane Prendergast for This Rounds on Us- Nylon Fusion Theatre CO.
June-July 2015    "Blizzard" by Melissa Skirball at Paradise Factory/ Planet Connection Festivity. Which was nominated for 6 awards including Outstanding Direction! (Lori won the Award for Outstanding direction!) 
She also directed the 2015 Planet Connection Award Ceremony at Classic Stage Company  2015.
June 2015  For NYLON FUSION
at the Gene Frankel -- The Curse of the Wolf Man by Don Nigro, Mickey Mao by Edmond Malin and The Time Fixers by Adam Sullivan. 
April  2015 
"The Fairy Tale Project" by Webb Wilcoxen
at Tribeca Performing Arts Center   
(for BMCC CUNY) 
March 2015:
"The Assent" by Eric Champney
at Terry Schreiber Studios for Schreiber Shorts 
February 2015: "Last Truce" by Janet Bentley. and "Moving Pictures" by Matt Jordan.


Nylon's Fusion's October This Round's on Us had Lori directing four plays: Trick or Treater by  Josh McIlvain, Manservant 3000  by Thomas J. Misuraca, Last Call by James McLindon,  &  Her Mark  by Joseph Samuel Wright --October 2013  at the Gene Frankel Theatre.


Lori directed ​one of her favorite plays; Brilliant Traces  by Cindy Lou Johnson -- audiences called the production: affecting, spellbinding, and terrific!  At The Bridge at Shetler Studios through May- June 2013.


July 2013 Nylon Fusion's This Round's on Us: Independence, at the Gene Frankel.​​​ She will direct Don Nigro's Goat and Peter Marino's Ralph of Schenecttady, New York's Coming Out to His Wife Options. 


June  2013 Lori worked with Planet Connections to remount the original John Patrick Shanley play Tennessee as part a benefit for Safe Horizon at the Signature Theatre / Geffen Jewel Box. 


​April 2013 her work appeared  in Nylon Fusion's This Round's on Us: After the Fool, at the Gene Frankel.​​​ She directed Jerrod Bogard's  Fool Me Twice,  Jack Karp's Why do Swallows Sing so Beautifully of Longing?  and Stuart Caldwell's Tatiana and the Baboon.


October 2014: "Gris Gris" by Craig "muMsila" Grant, "Sweetheart Roland" by  James McLindon.

July 2014: "Under the Overpass " by Steven Young, "Don't Write a Bad Play" by Jack Karp. 

Lori directed Bricken Sparacino's Vacation... All I Ever Wanted ... at the Planet Connections Festivity (*Award Outstanding Direction) at The Paradise Factory and 

Trinity by Christine Cirker for Origin 8 at The Barrow Group/FAB Women May - June on The Barrow Group Main Stage.  Doubt by Matt Crowley, The Last Prestidigitation of Christ by Jack Karp and Star Counter by Paul Antokolsky for Nylon Fusion's quarterly festival at the Gloria Maddox Theatre and 2 plays at Terry Schreiber Studios: Insult to Injury by Cary Gitter and Yugo's There by James Reynolds -- part of Schreiber Shorts at the Gloria Maddox Theater  in April.


She  directed the critically acclaimed: "The Big Funk" March- April 2014

-- Reviews: "It makes no difference that this play is more than 21 years old. It still acts like the absurdist kid it is, glopping us with Vaseline and salad oil and showing us full-frontal everything from time to time. The “fourth wall” doesn’t exist in THE BIG FUNK. We are all in this together. The whole world is theater, a play ad-libbed by the actors, with jokes liberally provided by God. What starts as a seemingly normal story soon takes on the behavior of a Mobius strip on LSD. It’s all very calm, though. No sudden movements startle you. But you certainly will be startled.""The actors take THE BIG FUNK and shake it, twist it, stomp on it, milking every line and very action for brilliant effect. They unite to create a yummy ensemble performance that makes sense out of nonsense, when that’s possible. The rest is just a trip through that crazy amusement park called The Mind. Never a dull moment there. And there’s Vaseline."-Karen D'Onofrio

"I can only imagine countless companies reading this script and scratching their heads furiously, wondering how they can stage such a challenging piece and still hit all the necessary cords. Luckily for us, Nylon Fusion doesn’t seem to have faced that problem as the play, directed by Lori Kee, moves along effortlessly, consistently engaging you and pulling you into inspired directions." -MATEO MORENO


She directed Kristina Poe's  Building Sand Castles in the Moonlight  at the Gloria Maddox. Origin by Elizabeth Irwin and Ad Man by Jack Karp for Nylon Fusion's February 2014 TROU. 


all photos by AL FOOTE  III

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