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Directing Gallery     ( under construction ) 

Luft Gangster by Lowell Byers (Associate Director with Austin Pendleton)

The Chaplin Plays: A Double Feature by Don Nigro 

A Light in the Dark  by Wendy Mae Shelton 

The Big Funk by John Patrick Shanley 

Paper Dragon By Alisha Silver  Nylon Fusion Theatre Company


Under Lori Kee's astute direction, the talented cast provides adept character portraits.”  --Erik Haagensen

“Paper Dragon is directed by Lori Kee, who has worked with set designer Brian T. Saxton, lighting designer Lee Terry, and sound designer Karen Derby to create a vividly naturalistic world for the play.”-- Martin Denton       all photos  below by Nikolitsa Boutiero

Death it Happens...

DNA by Dennis Kelly  

Set and Props by Elizabeth Chaney, Costumes by Lucy Caraballo and Quameisha Moreno, Lighting by Steven Zhang

The Fairytale Project  by Webb Wilcoxen 

 Set, Props, and Puppets, by Elizabeth Chaney, Costumes by Arnaldo Bueso and Lighting by Catherine Clarke 

Brilliant Traces  by  Cindy Lou Johnson 

​** Audience Favorite Award -- Frigid Festival 2012. **

 " Directed and shaped by Lori Kee, Death, it happens... feels at times like the early gestation period of, say, a Love, Loss, and What I Wore or The Vagina Monologues, with the exception that the loss of a father is not an exclusively female experience. The four women share their personal experiences in an informal setting that feels theatrically relaxed, without quite treading into uncomfortable “group therapy” land. Humor is generously woven throughout the woe, providing necessary hiccups of laughter to alleviate the heartbreaking tales of loss the actresses share. Death, it happens ... transcends the personal stories and creates a communion amongst the audience."​

Benjamin Coleman Theater is Easy

Everything Will Be Alright
by Tariq Hamami

Borough of Manhattan Community College

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